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       Church Council Meeting

    Date: August 27,2017

    Attending: Pastor Beckhardt, Karl Keath, Abbie Keath, Jerry Meyer, Carol Sova, Stephanie Seldomridge, David Mock

    Absent: Matthew Sonnen, Gerald Strickler, Deb Hogeland, Conner Pennington, Katie Beckhardt, Don Kriss

    President David Mock opened the meeting with devotions in the absence of Deb Hogeland who will take devotions at the next meeting.
    June 4th, 2017 Council Minutes were reviewed and approved as printed.

    Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Seldomridge (representing June and July)
    Please see bulletin board in the Narthex for details on the treasurer’s report.

    Carol Sova moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Seconded by Jerry Meyer
    Approved by all.

    Pastor’s Report: Pastor Beckhardt
    Pastor will be away Sept. 4th – 8th; (Pastor Barry Kendall will be on call); Sept. 23-24 (Pastor Johnnie Lengel will conduct the morning service)

    Pastor Beckhardt’s mother will be celebrating her 100th birthday during the weekend of Sept 23-24. A card shower for her will be noted in the bulletin.

    Youth Report: Schedule of events will be sent out shortly indicating different events to both Sr High and Jr High

    Evangelism Committee:
    Sympathy cards sent to Larry Foulk, Deb and Brian Webber as well as Tony Strickler/Layne and Renee Strickler.

    Spang Crest next meeting will be August 21st

    Dottie Hogland provided transportation to one individual to the foot doctor and eye doctor.

    Hershey Park had various shifts cancelled due to weather. At this point 4 shifts are scheduled for Pastor and Rachel.

    Community Picnic held August 19th, 21017

    Paul Brandt program – Autumn in the Canadian Rockies will be presented Nov. 7th at 2:00

    Property Committee: David Mock
    Some of the dehumidifiers are not working and have been replaced by Tom Morrissey Appliances as they are still under warranty.

    Brick work: Received a 2nd estimate on bell repair and bid came approximately the same as 1st bid so it was decided to go with Bruce Hainley for repair work. Gene Flory will fix the rotted wood and wheel of the bell.

    Refrigerator: one refrigerator in kitchen not working and it was decided that it will not be replaced since it had little usage.

    Music and Worship- Pastor Beckhardt
    On October 29th the Lebanon County Reformation Service will be held at Friedens with a joint choir of various churches and Pastor Beckhardt will also participate. It is the 500th Anniversary Reformation.

    Christian Education: Pastor Beckhardt
    Teachers still needed to fill vacancies of Senior High and Cradle Roll

    Rally Day will be Sept. 10th
    There are some Volunteer Clearance renewals will be due in 2018. These can be completed online

    Unfinished Business: Clarissa Wolfe Dance School will be reviewed after her September 1st deadline.

    Next Council Meeting: October 1, 2017

    Meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer
    Respectfully submitted,
    Conner Pennington, Asst. Secretary

    June 4th Meeting minutes

    Attending: Pastor Beckhardt, Katie Beckhardt, Deb Hogeland, Karl Keath, Abbie Keath, Donald Kriss, Jerry Meyer, Conner Pennington, Stephanie Seldomridge, Carol Sova,

    Absent: David Mock, Matthew Sonnen, Gerald Strickler

    Vice President Karl Keath opened the meeting and offered the devotion.
    Deb Hogeland will offer devotions at the next meeting.

    April 30, 2017 Council Meetings were reviewed and approved as printed.

    Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Seldomridge:
    Please see bulletin board in the Narthex for details on the treasurer’s report.

    Dutchway: Stephanie received the 5 Dutchway charge cards. She gave them to Pastor Beckhardt.

    Donald Kriss moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Seconded by Karl Keath. Approved by all.

    Pastor’s Report: Pastor Beckhardt

     The old chairs have been given to the Neptune Fire Company. Pastor Beckhardt read a thank you note from the Company and Auxiliary who are very appreciative of the chairs.

     Yard Sale Follow up: Pastor asked Council what their thoughts are about sending a thank you note and a donation to Wengers for the use of their tent last year and again this year. Karl initiated the conversation and all agreed that a thank you and donation are very appropriate. Katie made note that leftover items from the initial yard sale were sold at Charmayne’s home on June 3, so there should be additional funds coming in from that.

    Wengers has a Foundation as well as their direct farm machinery business, and the Council decided to make a $100 donation to the Foundation. Katie will write the thank you as Secretary of Council.

    Motion was made by Donald Kriss and seconded by Karl Keath to give a $100 donation to the Wenger Foundation to thank them for the use of their tent during the MLC yard sales. The motion was approved by all.

     Pastor Beckhardt will be away the week of June 24 through July 1. Pastor Barry Kendall will be covering for pastoral needs and calls. Pastor Johnnie Lengel will cover the Sunday church service on Sunday, June 25.

    Youth Report: No report at this time.

    Evangelism Committee:
     The written report submitted by Linda Bentz was reviewed and accepted.

     Pastor brought up that the committee is in the initial stages of getting the Health Kits donations going again. He asked if Council would again cover the cost of towels for the Health Kits.

    Karl Keath moved that the Council give $100 to cover the cost of towels for the Health Kits. Jerry Meyer seconded. All were in favor.

    Property Committee: Karl Keath
     The carpet at the outside entranceway to church is in very bad shape. There are holes in the carpet and it is quite worn. The Property Committee will gather estimates for the cost of replacing the carpet.

     Two lights in the Pastor’s office are to be repaired.

     Brickwork:
    There is still only one masonry estimate for repairing the bell area brick work. Karl asked for Council’s input on going with one estimate versus gathering more estimates. Council members agreed they prefer to see more esimates. The Council members will seek out additional masons’ contact information so the Property Committee can gather more estimates.
    The brickwork around the sign---Karl Keath and Gene Flory have discussed the idea of putting up a concrete slab for the sign instead of brickwork.
    Karl advises he has also had discussions about possibly having a new sign and having that sign lighted. It is unclear if the current electrical set up would allow for the sign to be lit if the pole lights on the driveway are off. Karl will research the situation and report back.

    Music and Worship: Pastor Beckhardt
     The schedule for summertime special music is being filled up. There is a sign in the narthex that lists the music set up so far.

     Rich Engle visited the Council Meeting. Rich suggested having MLC host a community music/worship type of program. He attended such a program at St Andrews Presbyterian in Lebanon. Free will donations were taken in.
    Rich advised he has considered the Celtic Martins as a possible performing group, and/or the Pretzel City Dixie Land Band from the Reading area. He believes the fall would be a nice time to host a musical program. He advises the groups typically charge about $500-$600.

    Rich expressed his desire to have MLC used as more than only a Sunday place of worship. He would like to see community programs take place in MLC.

    Council will consider a musical program. Karl suggested Council may want to ask the Elco Odd 18 to perform at an MLC program.

    Christian Education: Pastor Beckhardt
    Pastor B read a letter from Sue Kemp. Sue is giving up teaching the high school class. Her class partner, Sharon Evans is willing to assist with the class, but is unwilling to be a primary teacher. Pastor B will put the word out in the bulletins and newletter.

    Unfinished Business:
    No unfinished business

    New Business:
    Katie brought up the child abuse reporting training and clearance updates so that Council can keep in mind when they will be due. Pastor B advised he has a file with the names of who has been checked, when their next update is needed.

    Pastor will get out the information so Council can revisit this topic.

    Next Council Meeting: Sunday August 27, 2017

    The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

    Restpectfully submitted,
    Katie Beckhardt, Secretary