Congregational Meeting-Millcreek Lutheran Church

Church Council Meeting
February 4, 2018

Attending: Pastor Beckhardt, Gene Flory, Erik Heck, Scott Johnson, Karl Keath, Donald Kriss, Jerry Meyer, Debra Ream, Mary Ream, Jordan Rosengrant, Stephanie Seldomridge, Gerald Strickler

Absent: David Mock, Matthew Sonnen

Pastor Beckhardt opened the meeting. He thanked the new council members for signing up to be on the council.

Devotions were read by Gerry Strickler.

Gene Flory will provide devotions at the March 4th meeting.

January 2018 Council Meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.

It was brought up by Pastor Beckhardt that David Mock continue in his role as Council President even while recuperating from his health issues. All members were in agreement.

Karl Keath will continue as Vice President and will conduct meetings in David’s absence.

Debra Ream volunteered to be Secretary.

Stephanie Seldomridge agreed to continue as Treasurer.

Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Seldomridge:
Please see bulletin board in the Narthex for details on the treasurer’s report.

Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Pastor’s Report: Pastor Beckhardt

Pastor reviewed the situation regarding Clarissa Wolfe and her unsteady payment for the rental of the church for her dance classes. Clarissa had offered that she had spotty attendance for her classes. It was decided that from this point on:
1. She will give back her key.
2. She must give at least 24 hours’ notice of a pending class. Karl or his
designee will unlock the doors before and after the class.
3. She will need to pay the $35/wk up front on a weekly basis to be able to
use the church.

Pastor Beckhardt will be out of town the 1st week of March for the birth of his grandchild.

Youth Report: Pastor Beckhardt

Souper Sunday went well. The Soups were delicious.

Chili Sunday will be held February 18, 2018

Evangelism Report: Pastor Beckhardt

Goodie Boxes were greatly appreciated.

Property Committee:

It was noted that during this morning’s service there was an issue with organ keys sticking. The organ is maintained yearly. It was brought up that the organ is 50 years old and members are unsure of the lifespan of a church organ.

Christian Education: Pastor Beckhardt

No new business

Unfinished Business:

Discussed possible uses for $5000 from the Emma Breidigam Estate. Family had suggested bibles for the pew racks in the sanctuary. Council liked this idea. Will need to get prices on bibles.

Also mentioned was the start-up of a cherub choir/youth choir.

$15,000 from Emma’s Estate will remain in the money market account with the possibility of using it towards youth events. Emma was a big sports fan, especially the Hershey Bears and it was suggested that it could be used to pay for the tickets of the youth to attend sporting events throughout the year such as the Hershey Bears, Reading Phillies, etc. More information to be obtained.

Next Council Meeting: Sunday March 4, 2018

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Debra Ream, Secretary