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    Congregational Meeting-Millcreek Lutheran Church
    January 29,2017

    The congregational meeting was held following the church service & luncheon with approximately 54 people in attendance.

    Lay Leader, Larry Deiter, welcomed everyone, thanked the kitchen crew & thanked the congregation for allowing him to serve this past year as their Lay Leader.

    The council was introduced & asked to stand for applause from the congregation for serving their 3 year terms on the church council:

    Hart Beaver
    Nancy Deiter
    Larry Deiter
    Gerry Strickler
    Katie Beckhardt
    Stephanie Seldomridge
    Deb Hogeland
    Brett Flory
    David Mock
    Mat Sonnen

    Those going off council:

    Hart Beaver
    Nancy Deiter
    Larry Deiter
    Gerry Strickler

    Those recommended by the current council to fill vacant positions:
    3 year terms:

    Gerald Strickler
    Karl Keath
    Donald Kriss

    1 year term(completing term for John Karlonis:

    Carol Sova

    1 year student terms:

    Abbie Keath
    Conner Pennington

    The new recommended members stood. There were no additional recommendations from the floor & Roy Hoglund moved to accept the presented roster. Doris Bergman 2nd the motion & the congregation voted in favor of the above mentioned members.

    Everyone was asked to stand who has an active role in the church…Sunday school teachers, treasurer, kitchen crew, newsletter, choir, greeters, ushers, orchestra, council, showcase, Evangelism committee, secretary, organist, property committee…everyone’s willingness to get involved make us a strong church family.

    Steph Seldomridge presented the proposed budget:
    Bank balances:
    Deficit- $1,537.20
    Budget review- based on prior years or known facts

    Advent income up from last year

    Interest Income- lower than predicted so council has decided to reinvest our 4- CD’s(some there since 2006).

    All CD’s came due this month. The decision was made to invest this money with Thrivent, a not-for-profit Christian organization & financial planner. Monies will be invested into Thrivent Income Plus Funds which are diversified & conservative.

    Lenten- income was up from last year.


    Misc. income:

    All our hourly employees were given a slight raise & Pastor Beckhardt was given a 2% housing increase.

    A new expense for us - website/email/internet & phone patch. The phone patch expenses are offset by contributions from Mary Meyer.

    The cost of electric is down from last year.

    Our Faith Commitment remains the same.

    Fuel oil- down due to mild winter, lower prices & better furnace efficiency thanks to Karl Keath for keeping us tuned up at his expense.

    Office expenses are up a little due to the increase in the price of cartridges.

    Special Project Monies:

    World Hunger-

    Gerry Strickler moved to accept the proposed budget
    Gene Flory 2nd the motion
    Congregation voted in favor

    Under New Business:
    David Mock presented a proposal to replace the heavy, outdated tables & chairs in the multi-purpose room. Two chair samples were demonstrated:
    Vinyl chair- $23.50 per chair
    Lifetime chair- $24.95 per chair
    There are currently 23, 8 ft. tables & 150 chairs in the multi- purpose room.

    The white, lightweight recommended tables are $95.00 per table.
    After much discussion, it was the agreement of the group that 200 of the Lifetime chairs, 2 racks for the chairs & 30 tables should be purchased. This will allow for the 200 capacity seating in the multi-purpose room plus additional tables to be used in the kitchen & at the rear of the room for desserts.

    David Mock is looking into disposing of the old tables & chairs with someone or a group willing to purchase them. The tables & chairs in the Sunday School wing will not be replaced at this time.

    Dara Wolfe made a motion that 200 of the old chairs be replaced with white, Lifetime chairs.
    Steph Gahres 2nd the motion.
    The congregation voted in favor

    Katie Beckhardt made a motion that 30 of the old tables be replaced with new white, light weight tables.
    Gene Florey 2nd the motion.

    The congregation voted in favor.

    David Mock presented 2 antique lamps for display, asking if anyone knew the history of them. The lamps have been in storage in one of the closets for years & a decision should be made about their future. The council will discuss this at a later time.

    There was no further business.

    The Congregational Meeting concluded with a prayer from Pastor Beckhardt.

    Respectively submitted by Nancy E. Deiter, secretary