Call Committee
The Call Committee met with our Assistant to the Bishop, Pastor Blezard, Rev. Wallace from Friedens Lutheran Church, and our church council on January 6th to gather comments and make suggestions for our final Ministry Site Profile before submitting it to the ELCA system.

After considering the discussion & suggestions made at this joint meeting, the Call Committee finalized the profile at a meeting on January 9th.

The finalized profile has now been submitted again through the ELCA system. The synod staff will “activate” the profile. The Call Committee is now able to consider candidates for our new rostered leader. These are the candidates that are recommended by the Bishop & staff for the position. Each candidate will have reviewed our Ministry Site Profile & expressed interest in serving.

The Assistant to the Bishop will meet with the Call Committee to present the names & profiles of candidates that the Bishop & staff recommend.

Up to now, the Call Committee has been working in an open manner with the congregation & its leaders to gather information to create our profile. Beginning with this step the Call Committee needs to observe strict confidentiality. During the reviewing of candidate profiles and the interviewing of potential candidates, the Call Committee will not be free to share any details about the candidates whatsoever, including gender, age, length of service, where they are from, whether they are married, etc.

A breach of confidence can compromise the integrity of the process & severely hamper the work of the Call Committee. Be patient & know the Call Committee is working hard for the congregation of Millcreek Lutheran Church. Continue to pray for our committee and pray that we receive good candidates to interview and consider.
Your Call Committee: Nancy Deiter, Kristen Heck, Nicole Johnson, Roy Hoglund, Gene Flory & Bob Stettler