Call Committee
Dear Member of the Millcreek Family,
The past weeks have been difficult for our congregation and our nation as a whole. We have had to adapt to a threat unlike any we have seen before. This time has re-emphasized the need for each of us to reach out to and support one another, to act responsibly to care for ourselves and others, and above all, to be patient. We have been forced to put many things on hold, among them the decision to call a new pastor to Millcreek; but with some modification of our normal way of doing things, we can safely move forward with that process. The upcoming weekend of May 16-17 will be an important one in the life of our church.
Since Pastor Beckhardt’s retirement, Millcreek’s Call Committee has interviewed and observed a number of candidates for our pastoral vacancy. The Committee has recommended to the Council that we call Pastor Scott Paradise as our next pastor. The Council has interviewed Pastor Paradise and has approved the Call Committee’s recommendation. It remains for you, the membership, to give final approval to call Pastor Paradise as Millcreek’s next full-time pastor.
Owing to the Coronavirus emergency, we cannot hold a formal “meet and greet” event, a regular attended service to call our new pastor, or a regular congregational meeting. We will instead have an unattended service with a call-in meet and greet. Our congregational meeting to discuss and confirm Pastor Paradise will be a “drive in” event held at the church parking lot. Here’s how we will proceed:
On Saturday, May 16, at 5:00 P.M., Pastor Paradise will conduct an unattended service at the church. This service will be like those we have held during these past weeks. The service will be available via our phone patch and Facebook live, and will be recorded for posting on YouTube. The YouTube link will be sent to all members for whom we have email addresses. For those who missed the service by any of those means it will be broadcast Saturday evening in the church parking lot over a sound system. Simply drive up and listen.
Immediately after the service there will be an unattended meet and greet with Pastor Paradise. You are invited to phone in or email questions you may have for the pastor ahead of time by calling the church at 610-589-2570 or by email at Pastor Paradise and his wife, Christine, will tell you about themselves and will answer your questions. This meeting will be available via the phone patch, Facebook live, and will be recorded for posting on YouTube. A brief biography of Pastor Paradise and summary of his compensation package are included with this letter.
On Sunday, May 17 at 10:00 A.M., we will hold our congregational meeting in the church parking lot for the purpose of discussing and voting on calling Pastor Paradise as our pastor. You will drive in and remain in the safety of your vehicle. The pastor will be introduced and will answer any questions you may have for him. A runner with a hand held mic will move among you so that your questions and the pastor’s answers may be heard over the sound system. When we have finished questioning the pastor, he will be excused to a room in the church and the congregation will then discuss and vote on calling Pastor Paradise. The Council and a synod representative will be available to answer any questions you may have about the pastor, call process, or voting procedures. The synod representative will oversee and certify the vote. As you depart you will cast your vote by driving up to one of two voting stations. You will be asked your name to verify that you are eligible to vote, and you will be asked to verbally give your vote. If you are uncomfortable giving your vote verbally, you may request a paper ballot. Members on the shut-in list may vote by phone by calling the church at 610-589-2570.
The new pastor may serve our congregation for many years, so it is important that he comes to the position with strong support. This process may be different, but the goal remains the same: to bring permanent, strong pastoral leadership to Millcreek. The final decision rests with you as a member of our church family. Please make every effort to participate in the meet and greet, call service, and congregational meeting and be part of making this important decision.

Karl Keath
Council President
Your Call Committee: Nancy Deiter, Kristen Heck, Nicole Johnson, Roy Hoglund, Gene Flory & Bob Stettler