News and Activities at MLC

      September - October 2020


Church Council will be help monthly meeting in October 4th




Funeral Luncheon Committee

Many members of Millcreek Lutheran Church choose to have their funerals at the church followed by a luncheon in the multi-purpose room. 

The committee that has helped families with these luncheons has dwindled over the years and is being reorganized. Although this committee will not be preparing the food, they will be available to serve, help with the organization, set up and clean up when there is a request from the family. Church members are willing to donate homemade desserts for the luncheons when requested. Families may bring in their own food, contract with a local caterer or order trays to be made up by local stores or vendors.
We have 2 needs - people willing to serve on this committee and people willing to make desserts when contacted. If you have not already signed up and would be interested in helping in either capacity, please contact Rachel Mock at (717)949-3813 or Nancy Deiter at (717)866-4665.



In case of bad weather, please listen to WLBR 1270AM for notices of cancellation of church services. Channel 8 will only show church cancellations if there is a major snowstorm on a Saturday, but you can check online at which has a less restrictive posting for church services than the on-air part of their operation.

Monthly Church Breakfast


Everyone is welcome to join us for our monthly church breakfast at Country Fare Restaurant in Myerstown at 8:00 am on the Second Saturday of each month.  Just come and enjoy good food and fellowship.

   The Senior High Sunday School class is making sweaters and blankets for charity. I do not have the exact name of the organization right now,but we will accept any kind and any amount of yarn.






I have signed us up for the new year of Relay. Last year's relay ended without actually having our relay event. Of course, we have no idea how this year will go either, but if you are interested in signing up for the team or just want to learn more, please let me know. In the meantime, you can sign up at The 2021 relay will be scaled back to a 6 hour event on Saturday May 15, 2021 from 4 pm - 10 pm. That is as much as I know right now. 
Watch the newsletter and bulletin for more information and fundraisers as they become available. 
Deb Tice
RECYCLE ALUMINUM CANS for the American Cancer Society. Please place any bags of ALUMINUM (NOT STEEL) cans at the kitchen entrance to the church.

COLLECT DIMES in a bottle (or any container with any change) for Relay for Life.

Collect pull tabs from soda cans, etc. for the dialysis machine at the Ronald McDonald House. A container is on the table in the narthex.

 Thanks as always for your support!! 
Debbie Tice, Rachel Mock, Theresa Sites, Jen Rosengrant, Steph Seldomridge, Donald & Donna Collins, Lauren Sweitzer, Bill & Mary Shaak, Shurie Shaak.

Donations to American Cancer Society are always welcome.

IF YOU USE AMAZON to make online purchases, you can help MLC with our fundraising efforts, at NO cost to you. Pick up the information on the table in the narthex or from the file box outside the main doors to the church. Any further questions, call Stephanie Seldomridge at 717-304-5949.



Music Ministry

 The Senior Choir is working towards resuming regular activities. I would like to personally thank those that have helped me the last 6 months of keeping the music alive - Deb Buffington has been by my side every week, along with these others as available - Steph Sheetz, Gerry & Julie Strickler, Rachel Mock and Lisa Martin. We hope to resume regular rehearsals soon, but in the meantime, we are planning and working to enhance our worship services.

I also thank Brothers in Grace, Brian Klinger, as well as all those who played in the band for Christmas in July.

Now that Sunday School has resumed, we hope to have the children singing again soon on their usual second Sunday of the month.

Coming up in November, mark the dates for November 1 - All Saints and November 8 - Saluting our Veterans.
Thanks to all who support and make the music at Millcreek!
Any questions--Contact Deb Tice via phone at 717-926-4273 or email at

Deadline for the November Parish Echo newsletter is October 15th. 


Schedule will restart in October.

Please remember, if you are unable to acolyte on your scheduled Sunday, call a replacement. If you cannot find a replacement, please call the church 610-589-2570, or Linda Sheetz at 717-866-4273 as soon as possible.



Please sign up to sponsor flowers and bulletins.  Cost of flowers is $25 and cost of bulletins is $10. Contact Linda Hauck Sheetz or sign-up on the list in the narthex. 

Please note: we have purchased flower vase carriers for you to transport your alter flowers home.  They will be marked "Property of MLC".  Please bring the vases back the following week for the next person to use. 

Part of Evangelism’s ministry is keeping in touch with our college students. We need their addresses while in college in order to do that. Please respond ASAP by calling Dara Wolfe at 717-866-5909 or email Thank you.
If you give us their e-mail addresses, the Parish Echo will be sent to them via e-mail.


The Evangelism Committee

This year our annual appeal will be handled a bit differently. We ask that our congregation purchase the items needed for either SCHOOL KITS or PERSONAL CARE KITS, place these items in a plastic bag (we all have plenty since many places are not recycling them right now) and bring them to the church. The collection started July 19th and will continue through September 20th. Please refer to the item list(s) printed elsewhere in the newsletter.
We will NOT be collecting LOOSE/BULK soap this year. Lutheran World Relief partner groups will be sourcing locally which will save on shipping costs and also provide business for the local economies where the kits are being sent.
Thanks for helping in both the education and hygiene of so many who are less fortunate than us. God’s blessing to all.
Evangelism Committee
Other Evangelism Activities: 1) Providing drivers to transport members to medical appointments. Dotti Hoglund is now the contact person. She can be reached at 717-228-8177 (cell) or 610-655-7692 (home). We’d like to re-build our list of volunteer drivers for this program and we need your help! 2) Collecting used ink and toner cartridges and old cell phones to be recycled after taking to Jubilee Ministries. Place in bin in hall leading to multi-purpose room. 3) Collecting new and lightly used small tools and building supplies (nails, tiles, electrical outlets, etc.) for Habitat for Humanity. Place smaller items in the bins in the hall leading to the multi-purpose room. To arrange for pick up of large items (cabinets, furniture, light fixtures, sinks, etc.), contact the Lancaster Lebanon Habitat ReStore at 717-293-0250 ext.4.

As was mentioned in the June newsletter, The Lutheran Camping Corporation has decided that both Nawakwa and Camp Kirchenwald will not be open for the summer 2020 camping season due to the COVID-19 public health crisis. As a result, the loss of income from the summer programs is a significant cause for concern. It places the ministry of the Lutheran Camping Corporation in a very precarious position. The income loss compromises the camps’ capacity to prepare for the next summer of 2021 activities. As a result, the camp is in desperate need of financial help to continue the camping programs during these challenging times. If any member of the Millcreek congregation is financially able to consider a gift to help sustain and ensure the camping ministry, it would truly be a great blessing. If you are able to share a gift of any amount it can be made by credit card at Lutheran or sent to The Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central PA-PO Box 458, Arendtsville, PA 17307
Thank you for your continued support so that the youth may continue to receive the fine camping experience that Camp Kirchenwald has always provided for the youth of the Millcreek congregation.



We are in need of a Sunday School Kindergarten teacher. Talk to those that teach now and find out how they always get more than they give!

We have not had a staffed nursery during worship for several years now - we need a scheduler and volunteers.

Lay readers are needed to serve during worship, as we have lost a few over the past year. Most times you are
only listed to read 2-3 times per year.  There is a sign-up sheet on the narthex table outside the office, or contact Linda Sheetz at church or at 717-866-4273 for more information. Thanks in advance.

Ushers, male and female, are needed as well. There is a sign-up sheet on the narthex table. If you presently help to usher, it is not necessary to sign up—you will be kept on the list. I need someone to assist me as head usher in the event that I cannot be at church. If interested, please see me, Brian Webber.

Give all of these needs some prayerful consideration as we move forward. We also need your presence in the pews for worship.

Can you help a senior citizen in need of assistance 1 - 2 hours a day, 2 days a week, with the possible expansion to 5 days a week?  Duties would be to make sure the senior takes her medicine and eats her meals, light laundry, and the occasional trip to the hairdresser.  The helper must be female.  Payment for services will be negotiated with the family.  If you are interested or know someone who might be, please call Sue at 717-949-3857 or Kathy at 610-533-3022. 

Looking, Looking, Looking...

  • A teacher is needed for our Nursery Class!
  • Volunteers are need to staff the nursery during the worship service! 

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Military Personnel

5507 Jadwin Loop
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-1913


  1 Stephanie Seldomridge
  3 Michael Tice
     Susan Kemp
  4 Edward Wolfe, Jr.
     Judy Engle
  5 Carol Merkel
  8 Jon E. Chadwick
     Samanatha Griffee
10 Angela Brown
11 Anderson Stoudt
12 Alexis Schollenberger
14 Sherry Schaeffer
15 Dale Bentz
19 Shayfer Lambach
20 Ryan Webber
21 Landis Olar
     Lynn Leibig
28 Adrianna Sonnen
29 Deb Webber
October Birthdays
  1 Margie Kriss
  2 Gregg Schware
     Bridgette Gettle
  3 Gladys Bressler
     Brayden Friewald
  4 Donald Leibig
     Angela Layser
     Mary J. Ream
  5 Debra Tice
  6 Shannon Baker
     Patricia Kreitz
     Steven Goss
  9 Lindsay O’Connor
10 Ann Marie Engle
     Richard Wolfskill
11 Audrey Putt
12 Philip Leidich
15 Maxine Maser
     Shirley Brown
16 Peter Bergman
     Logan Ruth
17 Aidan Heck
21 Sara Bentz
22 David Kahl
23 Daryl Strickler
     Phyllis Stettler
     Sarah Webber
     Jason Angstadt
24 Marcia Glucksnis
25 Katrina Schware Wagner
     Doris Bergman
     Mary Merkel
27 Amy Garloff
28 Jordan Rosengrant
29 Michael Yiengst, Sr.
     Donald Kriss
30 Michael Noll
     Craig Evans

If you want to be included on the birthday list, please submit your name to use by placing a note in the Newsletter mailbox in the church office, calling 610-655-7692, or emailing to  Also if there is a name that should be removed from the list, or a correction made, please use one of the above ways to notify us.  Thank you. 

Spang Crest
There is still no visitation allowed due to COVID-19 and the chicken BBQ scheduled for September is on hold.


Thrivent Financial News

If you are a Thrivent Financial member, you are eligible to apply for a $250 grant for a church community project. This grant could be for the schoolbags or personal care kits that we do each year. It’s a great way to get extra funds for these worthwhile projects. It’s exciting to learn that a Thrivent member from our
congregation applied for one of these $250 grants for the High School Sunday School class quilt project and that the application was approved! They are making quilts for the pediatric unit at Reading Hospital. This money will be used to purchase materials for this project. Thrivent members are allotted two of these
$250 grants each year for community type projects. There are Thrivent members in our congregation, so let’s see what we can do to gain some worthwhile monies for some of our church community projects. Thrivent members should contact their Thrivent representative for more information about this exciting