Church Council Meeting

Date: February 4, 2024

Council Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2024
[Approved: March 3, 2024]
Attending: Deb Buffington-Recording Secretary, David Engle, Deb Hogeland, Susan
Long, Pastor Scott Paradise, Jennifer Rosengrant, Stephanie Seldomridge-Treasurer,
Dara Wolfe
Absent: Darryl Bentz, Conner Pennington
Pastor Scott opened the meeting.
Dara Wolfe provided devotions.
Pastor Scott will provide next meetings devotions.
Election of Council Officers:
David Engle nominated Stephanie Seldomridge to remain in the position as Treasurer.
Jen Rosengrant seconded the nomination.
Stephanie agreed to remain in the position.
All approved.
Dara Wolfe nominated herself to the position of Executive Secretary.
Jen Rosengrant seconded the motion.
All approved.
Deb Buffington has agreed to be recording secretary.
Vice President
Dara Wolfe nominated David Engle for another 1-year term as Vice President.
Deb Hogeland seconded it.
David accepted the position.
All approved.
President/Lay Leader
Dara Wolfe nominated Susan Long as Lay Leader/President of council.
David Engle seconded it.
Susan accepted the position.
All approved.
David Engle briefly explained the duties of Lay Leader/President.
Prior to accepting last month’s minutes, Deb Hogeland made note of a mistake. David
Engle should not have been noted to be leaving a 1-year term. David’s term on council
continues. He served a 1-year term as Vice President, which can be renewed.
David Engle made a motion to accept last month’s minutes.
Dara Wolfe seconded it.
All approved.
Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Seldomridge
Checkbook Balance: Northwest as of 1/31/2024=$2,270.31
January Deposits=$6,884.81
January Expenses=$11,659.69
Restore and Renew Campaign: as of 1/31/2024=$3,428.49
January Deposits=$125.00
January Expenses=$0.00
January Interest=$1.11
Mission Plus account (Money Market): as of 1/31/202=$11,343.44
Interest- January =$4.81
Undesignated funds in Money Mkt=$354.84
Designated Funds=4,993.41
Designated Funds=$6,000.00
January deposits are approximately $6,800.00 with one Sunday that was cancelled due
to snow.
Initial offering-$184.00 which is 77% of cost.
Miscellaneous income
-Coffee money=$21.00
January expenses over $11,000.00
-Building insurance-$2,217.00
-Workers Comp-$111.00
-Fuel oil-$900.00 for 256 gallons; one more delivery of $1,300.00 for 365 gallons to be
All quarterly payroll taxes totaling $1,200.00 were paid and W-2’s were given to
Stephanie voiced her concerns regarding the oil deliveries. She suggested contacting
Sauder to request what the gallonage is before fillings. Also, whether we receive a
It was also questioned whether it would be possible for someone to siphon or steal oil.
It is doubtful, but another question for Sauder. Stephanie will contact Sauder for more
Discussion turned to the thermostats. Prior discussions had centered around obtaining
boxes for over the thermostats so they could be locked in order to prevent the changing
of the settings. David will get in contact with Karl Keath regarding the thermostats.
Stephanie reports that the information regarding the ERC credit has been received and
accepted. The grant of approximately $5,000 will be broken down per quarter. 15% of
the amount will go to the company that prepared the information for the grant. It looks
like it might take another 6 months until we receive any money.
David Engle made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.
Deb Hogeland seconded it.
All approved.
Pastor’s report: Pastor Scott
Pastor Scott reports that David and Aislinn Staaby have agreed to take over as Editors
of the Parish Echo. The transition will occur with the April copy of the Echo.
David Engle reports that he has been in contact with Terry Griffe. He is currently
experiencing health issues, but after working out the details with his parole officer, he
agrees to work with David, replacing baseboards throughout the church. Per David,
some of the baseboards are original to the church.
Pastor Scott reports receiving 2 requests to rent the church for bingo.
1. Newmanstown Fire Company would like to hold a bingo on March 2, 2024.
2. Richland Library would like to hold a bingo on October 20, 2024.
Jen Rosengrant made a motion to allow the bingo to take place.
Dara Wolfe seconded it.
All approved.
Pastor Scott suggests allowing them to receive the member rate since they are nonprofit organizations.
Pastor Scott reports that March 10, 2024 is Girl Scout Sunday. The GS troop that
meets at the church would like to be involved with the church service. They would also
like to sell cookies before and after the church service. The council agrees to allow
them to sell cookies.
Pastor Scott will talk with Charmayne regarding moving Sweet 2nd Sunday, since it
would occur the same Sunday as the cookie sales.
Pastor Scott thanked everyone who reached out to the Kriss family.
Youth: Pastor Scott
Nothing to report.
Evangelism Committee: Dara Wolfe
A written report was handed out.
Property Committee: Pastor Scott
Pastor Scott said he will obtain a written estimate from Rudy’s Locksmith.
It was noted that there is currently a broken cross noted on the hill that occurred from
the wind. David will talk with Gene Flory to see about reattaching the cross using a
pressure treated base.
Susan Long reports that additional letters are needed for the sign. She has been
attempting to obtain them from Brown Signs. She was encouraged by Jen Rosengrant
to order online from a company called Blue Wave.
Music and Worship: Pastor Scott
Nothing to report.
Christian Education
Nothing to report.
Unfinished Business
Nothing to report.
New Business
David Engle suggests a review of the church’s rental agreement and possible price
increase for rentals due to our price being very low in comparison to other facility rentals
in the area. David plans to obtain rental prices of other facilities in the area and will
bring that information back to council for review.
Dara Wolfe suggested changing out the tables in the meeting room with white tables in
the multipurpose room, due to them being old and in some areas disintegrating. The
council agreed. A note will be put in the Parish Echo regarding the availability of the old
tables to anyone that would like to take them.
The meeting closed with The Lord’s Prayer.
The next meeting will be on March 3, 2024.
Respectfully submitted,
Debra Buffington, Recording SecretaryApproved Church Council Meeting Minutes