Church Council Meeting

Date: August 28, 2022

December 4, 2022
Attending: Dale Bentz, Darryl Bentz, Deb Buffington, Nancy Deiter, David Engle, Gene Flory, Deb Hogeland, Scott Johnson, Pastor Scott Paradise, Mary Ream, Stephanie Seldomridge
Absent: Brady Keath, Karl Keath
Nancy opened the meeting.
Nancy provided devotions.
David Engle will provide next meetings devotions.
Mary Ream made a motion to accept last month’s minutes.
Gene Flory seconded it.
All approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Seldomridge
Checkbook Balance: Northwest as of 11/30/2022=$257.44
November Deposits=$8,642.57
November expenses=$11,681.48
Xfer from MM=$3,000.00
Restore and Renew Campaign: as of 111/30/2022=$4,392.19
November Deposits=$125.00
November Interest=$1.35
Mission Plus account (Money Market): as of 11/30/2022=$12,044.67
November Interest=$5.55
Xfer to Operating acct=$3,000.00
Thrivent Investments: as of 11/18/2022=$131,240.40
4/30/2022-mutual fund decline=$-8,074.61
4/01/2022-transfer to Operating fund=$-6,000.00
4/30/2022-transfer for partial roof invoice=$-14,000.00
5/22-6/22 decline=$12,346.93
7/1-9/3 decline=$4,871.62
Update thru 11/18= increase of $4,242.81
Building rental=$75.00
1 rental-Mary Meyer
Miscellaneous income
-Sweet Second Sunday=$267.50
-Coffee money=$17.00
Oil-Sauder=163.80 gallons @ $5.759/gal=$943.32
308.80 gallons @ $4.6690/gal=$1441.79
Electric bill=$422.52
Discussion turned to the 2023 budget. Stephanie reports that this has been the hardest budget she has ever had to prepare.
1. Suggested removal of the Banquet Income line item. There was a time when banquets or luncheons were held that a basket would be put out for monetary contributions. Since that has not been happening, then we can’t count on that income. The basket will still be put out.

2. Suggested removing the Sunday School offering line item. It appears that the basket has not been put out, and any offering is put in the box.
Stephanie brought up Debbie Tice’s salary. She questioned giving her a stipend. It was decided to increase her organist salary to $130.00 per session and $100.00 per quarter for her choir director salary. David will talk with her to see if that is ok with her.

4. Stephanie then questioned whether the rest of the salaries should receive a 2% or 3% increase. She brought up that Linda Sheetz has not had an increase for a few years. She also pointed out that a 2 % increase would have her only receiving about a penny an hour more than the custodian. It was decided that her salary would be increased to $12.50/hour. Pastor Scott was asked if he is ok with a 2% raise, which he was. All other salaries will receive a 2% raise.

5. The Repairs and Maintenance line will be left at $7,500.00.

6. Pastor Scott says he does not believe there was a new rate for supply pastors.

7. Stephanie brought up the Periodicals income/expense line items. She states that they are used for the Christ in Home pamphlets. Should we continue to purchase them for members of the congregation to then purchase? Currently we are not having any money coming in for them. We purchase 5 large print books and 25 regular print books, and out of those we still have 4 large print and 22 regular print which Linda does not know what to do with. Quarterly we pay $51.25/quarter for them. Dale Bentz pointed out that he subscribes to them personally, so it was decided to stop the church’s subscription and if anyone wants to subscribe to them Linda can give them information to do so.
The topic of the church’s finances was discussed again. Some members admit that they find it hard to ask the congregation for money and that they fear we will lose members if we do. A strategy for increasing the money the church brings in is needed. The subject of fundraising was brought up. Further discussion will need to occur on that. It was noted that at one time the Lutheran Church was against it.
Scott Johnson made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.
Daryl Bentz seconded it.
All approved.

Pastor’s report: Pastor Scott
Pastor Scott discussed the expiring lease for the copier. Copiers are the new car. We have been leasing our current copier for 5 years. Our current lease doesn’t run out until March, so we have some time to compare our current lease company (Quality) with a company that was recommended by other pastors (Doceo). A meeting is scheduled for December 8th with Doceo. As it turns out, Pastor Scott was surprised that the church was only paying $75 a month for the lease and no per copy charge. As it turns out, it is because the service contract was turned down. It was discovered that we have only paid about $2,900.00 in the past 5 years for service calls. Further discussion will need to take place once we find out what Doceo has to offer us.
St. James’ church recently sold for $420,000.00 and was purchased by Paloma Christian School which is a bilingual school. November 27th was their last service. They will be merging with Salem Lutheran Church and their closing service will be held December 18th at 2pm.
Pastor Scott handed out Communion schedules for 2023 and also 2024 for council to review and approve. No additional Sundays were added to the 2023 schedule, but 4 more communion services were added to the 2024 schedule. Pastor Scott reminded council that during the call process he said he would bring Millcreek up to current times by adding more communions gradually. Weekly communion has been occurring since 1978.
Council voted unanimously to approve the schedules.

Pastor Scott reports that the youth took old Christmas cards that were collected and turned them into booklets that will be gifted to those who are physically unable to attend church. A booklet was passed around for members to see.

Evangelism Committee
Minutes from their November 9th meeting were handed out and reviewed by council. The committee reports that they are donating $220 to a fund at ELCO for homeless students, which was left over from their budget

Property Committee: Nancy Deiter
Our sign is expected to be delivered within the next week.
The church’s vacuum cleaner is with Ray’s Vacuum for repairs. David has offered the use of a vacuum cleaner from his father’s estate while it is repaired.

Music and Worship
The upcoming activities for the month of December were mentioned.
-December 4 @ 6pm-Tree lighting/Carols/Santa/Hot Chocolate & cookies
-December 11 during church-children’s program
Live Nativity later that day
-December 21st-Healing service
-December 24th@ 10pm-Christmas Eve service
-December 25th @10:15 am-brief service
-January 1st@ 10:15 am-brief service

Christian Education
Children’s program is coming up on December 11th during church. Practice is scheduled for Saturday December 10th @ 10:30 am.

Unfinished Business:
-The following members council terms will be expiring in February: Nancy Deiter, Karl Keath, Dale Bentz, Stephanie Seldomridge and Brady Keath. If anyone knows of someone who would be interested in a position on council, suggestions are most welcome.
-There are a few volunteer opportunities within the church:
Altar Guild-Deb Buffington and Mary Ream have volunteered to take charge of this position.
Harvest Home-this involves setting up and decorating the altar area to display the donated food that the congregation donates during the specified church service in September. All donated food is then taken to the LCCM food bank
Keeping the new sign messages current by periodically updating it when needed.
-A blood drive was held on November 17th. 41 donors registered-29 units/pints obtained-87 lives saved. The next blood drive is January 18th.

New Business: Nancy Deiter

Mary Ream suggested organizing a church pictorial. Further discussion will take place after the holidays.
David Engle planted flowers and installed solar lights up at the cross area. Looks very nice.

The meeting closed with The Lord’s Prayer.
The next meeting will be on January 8, 2022.

Respectfully submitted,
Debra Buffington, Secretary