Church Council Meeting

Date: March 7, 2021
 Approved Church Council Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2021

Attending: Deb Buffington, Nancy Deiter, David Engle, Jodi Hoffman, Scott Johnson, Karl Keath, Rachel Mock, Pastor Scott Paradise, Cole Pennington, Mary Ream, Stephanie Seldomridge

Absent: Dale Bentz, Gene Flory

Nancy opened the meeting.
Nancy provided devotions in Dale’s absence.
Dale Bentz will provide next month’s devotions.
Corrections to last month’s minutes:
-Rachel Mock was inadvertently missing from the list of council members present for the January and February meetings
-In the first sentence under the Pastor’s report, Len should be spelled Lent.
Scott Johnson made a motion to accept last month’s minutes.
David Engle seconded it.
All approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Seldomridge
Please see bulletin board in the Narthex for details on the treasurer’s report.

Jodi Hoffman made a motion to accept this month's treasurer's report.
Rachel Mock seconded it.
All approved.
Pastor’s report: Pastor Scott
We received a thank you from Lebanon County Christian Ministries for the Love offering we collected.
Reminded council about the Lebanon Conference Assembly and the Synod Assembly.
Discussed electronic giving as a way to contribute to the church. We want to give everyone the opportunity to give however they can, but recommendation is to keep things simple.
-2 possible vendors:
o 1 (not sure of the name) is recommended by ELCA.
o VANCO-Pastor Scott is familiar with this one.
Pastor Scott and Steph will look into this further.
Pastor Beth Hawk, a retired Pastor will be preaching on Sunday August 15, 2021 in Pastor Scott’s absence.
Youth: Nothing to report
Music & Worship Committee
Plan for Holy Week was discussed.
Palm/Passion Sunday
-we read the Passion. Per Pastor Scott, the book that the Passion comes from changes every year; it matches the Gospel. This year is Mark. Signup sheet for readers will be on the table in the narthex. There are 3 children on the list needed to read.
Easter Sunday
-Committee discussed having 1 service starting at 8:00 am with Holy Communion.
-Council discussed and agreed to have service at 9:00 am. It was suggested by Pastor Scott, to have the children in church until after the children’s sermon, when they will go with the students in the Confirmation class for some special activities. They will rejoin their families after the hymn that follows the sermon, and council is in agreement.

Christian Education
• Nothing to report.
Evangelism Committee
• Next meeting is scheduled for March 10, 2021.
Property Committee: Nancy Deiter
• Nancy asked about the status of the numerous dehumidifiers.
-reported that they are not run in the winter.
• Karl reports that ES, an emotional support group at ELCO would like to volunteer to help clean up the church once the weather breaks.
-Council is ok with Karl getting them involved.
• Dead trees-need to decide what is going to be done.
-Jodi spoke with her neighbor, Kevin Weis, who will take down all the trees for nothing if he can take the lumber.
-Frank is setting it up, trees need to be marked, and they will be removed
Old Business: Nancy Deiter
• Nancy requested clarification regarding the change to the constitution. Paster Scott clarified that all officers, but the treasurer, would serve in their position for 2 years.
-This will be done in 2022 at the next congregational meeting. A majority vote by the congregation would be needed to amend the constitution.
-Any amendments to the constitution require the congregation to be notified 30 days prior to the meeting.
New Business: Nancy Deiter
Restore and Renew Campaign
Ongoing discussion continues regarding the campaign.
1. -ideas on ways to keep the congregation informed as to the progress of the program.
 Including a chart in the monthly newsletter to keep everyone abreast of the progress.
2. -ways to make sure everyone is included in the campaign.
 Discussed a target mailing for the capital campaign for those that do not come to church/do not have email.
 Will include the option of electronic giving as well.
 Will try for the Sunday after Easter as the formal roll-out of the campaign.
 It was suggested that another way to obtain donations, would be encouraging donations ‘In Memory of’ loved ones.
3. Most important improvements at this time would be:
a. The sign at the bottom of the hill.
-bid was received from Brown’s Signs
-awaiting a bid from Horst’s Signs
b. Air conditioning to the multipurpose room.
4. Spoke with Max Bender regarding updating the Wi-Fi throughout the church.
 Out of his purview.
 Boosters would be needed throughout the building.
The meeting closed with The Lord’s Prayer.
The next meeting will be on April 11, 2021.
Respectfully submitted,
Debra Buffington, Secretary