Church Council Meeting

Date: June 6, 2021
Approved Church Council Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2021
Attending: Dale Bentz, Deb Buffington, Nancy Deiter, David Engle, Gene Flory, Scott Johnson, Karl Keath, Rachel Mock, Pastor Scott Paradise, Mary Ream
Absent: Jodi Hoffman, Cole Pennington, Stephanie Seldomridge
Nancy opened the meeting.
Pastor Scott provided devotions in Jodi Hoffman’s absence.
Jodi Hoffman will provide next month’s devotions.
Dale Bentz made a motion to accept last month’s minutes.
Rachel Mock seconded it.
All approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Seldomridge
Please see bulletin board in the Narthex for details on the treasurer’s report.

Mary Ream made a motion to accept this month's treasurer's report.
Scott Johnson seconded it.
All approved.
Pastor’s report: Pastor Scott
Rachel Mock Rachel Mock and Pastor Scott attended the Lebanon County Christian Ministries (LCCM) Delegate’s meeting on May 11, 2021. Rachel shared her amazement that LCCM is working with a $3 million budget. It was discussed that there are plans expressed to turn a building in Lebanon into a homeless shelter, so people could stay there and have churches come to them instead of having to move from 1 church to another.

MLC was named in Melvin Noll’s estate; the church would receive 3% of what is left. Because of instances like this, Pastor Scott recently met with Marianne Brock, who is ELCA’s Planned Giving Coordinator for Central Pennsylvania. They met regarding a large gift policy for MLC.
-A policy of this nature is important due to MLC receiving un-designated gifts exceeding $5,000.00, although we would be able to set the threshold we would like.
-Pastor Scott feels it is important to have a policy in place in the event that we receive large amounts of monies either donated or bequeathed to MLC.
-Pastor Scott suggests MLC have a consultation with Marianne, since it would not cost us anything due to being paid for by our contributions to Synod.
-An Ad Hoc Committee consisting of Cheryl Batdorf, Nancy Deiter, David Engle, Lisa Martin and Stephanie Seldomridge has been set for July 19, 2021, at 6 pm.
-Pastor Scott expressed his belief that Council needs to support this to “Promote a congregation climate of peace and goodwill. (Per the church’s Constitution and By-laws C12.04.f)

Currently five (5) giving units are using to give to MLC electronically. Fees are 1.3% which is better than any electronic giving platform Pastor Scott has seen to date.
Pastor Scott handed out information regarding the national moratorium on housing evictions which will end on June 30, 2021.
Youth: Nothing to report

Music & Worship Committee
• Summer schedule/plan handed out.
Christian Education
• Nothing to report.
Evangelism Committee
• Minutes from their May 12th meeting were handed out.
Property Committee: Nancy Deiter
1. We are penciled in for the beginning of July for tree removal. Awaiting approval of the congregation which will hopefully occur at the congregational meeting scheduled for June 13th after the church service.
2. Karl Keath planted our Christmas tree outside. We are excited to be able to start a new church tradition of caroling around the Christmas tree. Agreed to hold it the 1st Sunday in December; December 5, 2021, this year.
3. Planning a Top of the Hill church cleaning for September 11, 2021

Unfinished Business-Nancy Deiter
1. Nancy revealed the results of the logo contest.
#1 received 9 votes
#2 received 10 votes
#3 received 45 votes ****Winning Logo****
#4 received 9 votes
-next decision will be the color
-will ask Layne for some suggestions regarding possible colors and then Nancy will send out an email to council members to vote on the color
-need to make final decisions-will take 12 weeks for the sign to be completed once ordered.
2. Logan Sheetz has completed the offering box that was requested
- He did a beautiful job!
- $200 for cost of materials
-Nancy Deiter sent Logan a thank you card; Deb Buffington will send one as well.
3. Projects that are in the works
-Good Sounds will be starting the wiring for the projector/screen next week. Projector remains on back order.
-Air Conditioning-hopefully will start installation the end of June/beginning of July with completion hopefully finished by the end of the summer.
-minor roof repairs have been completed.
• -minor organ repairs have been completed.
4. Dale Bentz made a motion to stop using the communion cards.
David Engle seconded it.

New Business-Nancy Deiter
• Nancy read a letter from Sharon Evans notifying MLC of her resignation effective immediately.
-no longer cleaning the church
-no longer providing candy for the children’s sermon basket
-no longer emptying the dehumidifiers
Rachel Mock made a motion to accept Sharon’s resignation.
Mary Ream seconded it.
• A new custodian is needed immediately.
-suggestions were received and will be followed up. Nancy will send out an email with information and council will vote their approval via email.
• The dehumidifiers need to be emptied daily.
• A daily schedule of council members agreeing to empty the dehumidifiers was collected.
• Discussed changing/addressing the amount of money that needs congregation approval to reflect the current climate.
-2 models to choose from:
o 2% of the budget
o A set amount
• Nancy notified council of a minor incident that occurred while Brian Webber was mowing; a hose on the mower received a hole in it.

The meeting closed with The Lord’s Prayer.
The next meeting will be on August 29, 2021.
Respectfully submitted,
Debra Buffington, Secretary