Lutheran Camping Corporation

Lutheran Church Camping in Central Pennsylvania is an extension of the congregation's ministry in the unique setting that our camps provide.  Children, youth and adults learn, worship, witness and serve within a Christ-centered Lutheran tradition. 

As was mentioned in the June newsletter, The Lutheran Camping Corporation has decided that both Nawakwa and Camp Kirchenwald will not be open for the summer 2020 camping season due to the COVID-19 public health crisis. As a result, the loss of income from the summer programs is a significant cause for concern. It places the ministry of the Lutheran Camping Corporation in a very precarious position. The income loss compromises the camps’ capacity to prepare for the next summer of 2021 activities. As a result, the camp is in desperate need of financial help to continue the camping programs during these challenging times. If any member of the Millcreek congregation is financially able to consider a gift to help sustain and ensure the camping ministry, it would truly be a great blessing. If you are able to share a gift of any amount it can be made by credit card at Lutheran or sent to The Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central PA-PO Box 458, Arendtsville, PA 17307
Thank you for your continued support so that the youth may continue to receive the fine camping experience that Camp Kirchenwald has always provided for the youth of the Millcreek congregation.

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